I want to spend November and December 2020 learning and building projects in React. I have worked with React before but I did not take the time to study it per se, I simply used my intuition plus a lot of googling to find my way around. This blog post will act as my react study note. You will find below, some of the resources I am using.

https://fullstackopen.com/ and


To work with React you need to have Node installed you can get it here - get the latest stable version. You will also need to have a code editor. I enjoy using Visual Studio Code which you can download here and you will need a browser.

Nov 7, 2020

To create a react project, fire up your terminal or command prompt and type this command, then hit enter

npx create-react-app name-of-app

Initial output of running npx create-react-app
Final output of npx create-react-app

At this point you have a fully functional react project ready for you to customize for your purposes. To open the project in visual studio code, type cd name-of-project. Since my project is called water-service. I will type cd water-service then code . - remember to hit enter after each command

The default folder structure of 

To be continued tomorrow