I love to solve problems, to simplify processes and to make tasks easier. To accomplish this, I analyze business process, identify opportunities for automation and build practical business solutions that achieve the same or better results in less time and with less effort.

I have had the pleasure of transforming business processes across many functional areas throughout my career. Over time, I have realized that:

I help businesses reduce cost/improve revenue

  • by looking out for tasks and procedures that can be optimized through software
  • by eliminating manual/repetitive aspects of work by offloading such tasks to computers
  • by striving to make the customers/employees life easier

I help organizations create cost effective software solutions

  • by using software development best practices
  • by creating thoughtful data models, services and where necessary micro services
  • by writing clear, precise and maintainable code
  • by avoiding big up front design (over engineering)
  • by leveraging prior experience to fill in the gaps in user requirements

I help teams thrive

  • by going the extra mile to ensure we meet deadlines
  • by helping colleagues overcome technical obstacles
  • by sharing what I know and championing the adoption of best practices
  • by welcoming and acting on constructive feedback
  • by being the guy, you can depend on to get great stuff done within a short time frame

I am an avid learner, always eager to improve

I spend over 10 hours on Pluralsight courses every week and I watch a lot of Laravel training

Professional Skills

Backend Development, Frontend development, Data Modelling, UI Design, Software Architecture, API Design

Tech Tools

C#, PHP, Java, HTML5, CSS & JavaScript | .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, Laravel | Entity Framework, Hibernate, Eloquent | IIS, Apache, Nginx | MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB | Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code |  Git, Gitlab, GitHub |Windows & Linux | Xamarin & Android | NUnit, PHPUnit

Domain Knowledge

HR, Administration, Law, Property, Finance, Utilities, School Records Management

Get in touch

I love meeting new people, exploring nature and learning about other cultures. If you want to make a friend, create software or optimize a business process. Reach out to me at contact@ememisaac.com, on LinkedIn or GitHub.